The Type Of Studio Headphones

The studio headphones have many different vendors and the market for many models and different styles, here are some popular studio headphones on the market, so that young people today are quite favorite. Each type of studio headphone has own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages.

  1. The On-Ear Studio Headphone

This is quite dynamic headphones that young people often use, it is also known as ultra-sound headphones. However it is the on-ear studio headphones are designed with horizontal cover the ear less than others, so you will be difficult to soundproof, if selected for your studio.

To work well with a pair of these you need to prepare a good soundproofing. But it was appreciated for recreational level, because it brings quite lively sound to the listener, and fit at home.

Besides the office also like to use this product, limiting earache and can hear other sounds as needed.

Advantages: allows the listener with good sound quality, and comfortable with the ears, ears are open and do not suffer due to the impact force of the headset. It has flexible and easy to carry.

Cons: If you choose this type of headphones for studio or probably will take an additional cost as a closed room, so use it only as a last resort, because of poor sound insulation.

Advanced Features: Integrated microphone and navigator, comes ear-pads, with containers, folding design, can be neatly rolled wire.

  1. The Full-Size Studio Headphones

This type of headset is appreciated, and is pretty much the studio use. It has advantages of sound insulation, and the ability for detailed sound possible, to get a real feel best about collecting sounds in the studio.

This kind of cumbersome headphones, because it wired, so you use it at home and look after the studio was quite appropriate. Also because it has good insulation properties, many workers still use however it will cause temporary hearing loss when used in the long 8 hours a day.

Advantage:Having good sound quality, high tone, and bass hat, language filtering capabilities and authentic sound.

Cons: You’ll see a little difficult moving to bring them to travel frequently, it’s best studio headphones you use a separate party looks kind of studio and other types of headphones.

Advanced features: integrated headset microphone so all very convenient when used for many different purposes, it has 3.5 headphone socket common type so that you can use many different devices and easy connectivity. Quite suitable for a studio at home

  1. Wireless Studio Headphones

Other names: Bluetooth headset, this headset can be said is the most flexible, it is much loved because of its convenience. You can wear a headset when on the road, on the bus, when cycling, while working. Anytime you do not need to worry about the cord of the headphones. Because it’s not wired so it is very neat.

Currently more and more people switch to using this Bluetooth. And it is appreciated for the quality. However it also has some limitations, so do not use wire, should the transmission of sound is not or by when you use a wired headset.

  • Pros: it’s very flexible and neat in everything, even when you are cooking or washing clothes and want to listen to music but do not want to influence the people around then this is a great choice.
  • Cons: it runs by PI so you will need to pay more attention to change the batteries and the sound quality is often not as good as the other types of wired headphones.
  1. Headphones Eliminate Noise

This type of noise-canceling headphones can prevent from the surrounding environment by emitting sound waves have the ability to suppress noise. Some headsets under this line also significantly reduce noise from the air conditioning system of the aircraft. This headset line design is quite diverse, ranging from full-size to Ear-bud.

With this type of headset, users no longer have to turn up the volume to drown out external sound again, which can be heard at low volume, reduce the risk of hearing loss. In addition, users also get the sound quality clearer.

  • Advantage: Eliminate noise technology automatically eliminates noise from the surrounding environment, appropriate use of noisy environments, such as airplanes.
  • Disadvantages:It changes the original quality of the music, with noise-canceling feature sound waves cause some users to feel nauseous.
  • Advanced Features:Connect wireless headset carrying case, rechargeable batteries, button navigation and volume control.
  1. Features

When you consider choosing the studio headphone or any headphone you need pay attention to the type, size and technology that are necessary. But you don’t ignore the headphone’s features that has important role to decide a good produce.

  • Bass of the studio headphone

The studio headphone often has less bass than the DJ headphone. When you choose you are easy to mistake between the studio headphone and the DJ headphone. The different headphone has different bass level that effect directly to your work in the studio. So when you buy, you should ask carefully the seller about two types of the headphones for making right choice.

  • Reliability of the studio headphone

Almost of the studio headphone is designed by high quality material, and the manufacture always pay attention to the helpful and useful of product. So they always find the ways to create the best produces.

The studio headphone is the most expensive in all type of headphone. It has imputation in several years and always asserts its position. So you can be safe to buy but you should choose carefully in order to avoid the fake studio headphone.