The Necessary Device For The Studio At Home

Before, when we talk about the musical collection or the studio, everyone all thinks that this is just for the pro singers or those who is working in the musical industry. However, in the current years, the music is necessary in our life, in addition to the electron industry develop strongly, so the studio isn’t a serious thing.

Now you don’t go to the out studio and pay a large cost for it, instead, you are able to set up your studio at home which still has great sound quality with the reasonable cost. This article we will introduce some devices that is set up the family studio.

They are the basic devices for your studio that is simple. We don’t mention to the senior devices for the professional studio. So the device is given in this article being popular devices that many people have finance ability for paying and use them easily.

They include the device that is list below:

  • The computer or laptop
  • The studio headphone
  • The speaker
  • The microphone
  1. You Don’t Lack Of The Computer Or Laptop

Maybe almost we have a laptop and computer nowadays, this need to be ensured that you have one unit for your studio and recording.  You just need a computer or the personal laptop that you are having owns. However you need to be sure that your laptop or computer has strong configuration. You just set many musical adjust software on the laptop or computer that is strong and power enough.

There are some software you can refer such as Nuendo, Sonar…the laptop was set up recording software it is able to collect digital signal from Audio then you can adjust sound and effect of song and record to CD or DVD at last.

  1. The Studio Headphone Is Necessary

The studio headphone helps the recorder to hear background music signal from the origin in the record. The studio headphone ensures the sound isolation or other ways to say that the people don’t hear the out sound and they can focus on works best.

  • If there are many people recording together, you need prepare a kit of dividing headphone to divide into 3, 4 distinct headphones, which still ensure sound quality.
  • In the market there are many studio headphones from many different brands. If you want to choose the good studio headphone you should refer on the internet before buying or compare among the different headphones. Or you can choose the large supporter such as Amazon or Ebay that many people make a choice.
  1. The Speaker For Your Studio

The speaker is important device in the sound system of the studio, because it helps you check or test quality of song that you recorded. You need choose the speaker that can give the truth sound. So it will allow you to adjust sound more correctly.

This type of speaker is used popularly in the family studio that is model from the Roland brand and M-Audio brand with the reasonable price. When you choose a speaker you need pay attention to the truth of sound. You can go shopping with your friend who has experience in the studio. And don’t forget check before buying.

  1. The Microphone For The Studio

It isn’t difficult to see the types of microphone at the sound stores or in the selling website that are for the studio. There are three types of microphone that you can choose: Ribbon, Condenser and Dynamic. You can find more information on the internet.

The microphone condenser is popular

This microphone is highly sensitive that helps you to record the sound particularly. However, this is a disadvantage because when you are record which has any noise so it is easy to record your records

When using micro condenser you need have Electric source with 48V for this micro, it is called Phantom source. So when you buy Sound card, you don’t forget seller about your product is Integrated Phantom source or not.

The micro you can use for your studio and can refer that is product of Rode brand, it is quite famous and it has full the included tools and made in Australia.