The Necessary Device For The Studio At Home

Before, when we talk about the musical collection or the studio, everyone all thinks that this is just for the pro singers or those who is working in the musical industry. However, in the current years, the music is necessary in our life, in addition to the electron industry develop strongly, so the studio isn’t a serious thing.

Now you don’t go to the out studio and pay a large cost for it, instead, you are able to set up your studio at home which still has great sound quality with the reasonable cost. This article we will introduce some devices that is set up the family studio.

They are the basic devices for your studio that is simple. We don’t mention to the senior devices for the professional studio. So the device is given in this article being popular devices that many people have finance ability for paying and use them easily.

They include the device that is list below:

  • The computer or laptop
  • The studio headphone
  • The speaker
  • The microphone
  1. You Don’t Lack Of The Computer Or Laptop

Maybe almost we have a laptop and computer nowadays, this need to be ensured that you have one unit for your studio and recording.  You just need a computer or the personal laptop that you are having owns. However you need to be sure that your laptop or computer has strong configuration. You just set many musical adjust software on the laptop or computer that is strong and power enough.

There are some software you can refer such as Nuendo, Sonar…the laptop was set up recording software it is able to collect digital signal from Audio then you can adjust sound and effect of song and record to CD or DVD at last.

  1. The Studio Headphone Is Necessary

The studio headphone helps the recorder to hear background music signal from the origin in the record. The studio headphone ensures the sound isolation or other ways to say that the people don’t hear the out sound and they can focus on works best.

  • If there are many people recording together, you need prepare a kit of dividing headphone to divide into 3, 4 distinct headphones, which still ensure sound quality.
  • In the market there are many studio headphones from many different brands. If you want to choose the good studio headphone you should refer on the internet before buying or compare among the different headphones. Or you can choose the large supporter such as Amazon or Ebay that many people make a choice.
  1. The Speaker For Your Studio

The speaker is important device in the sound system of the studio, because it helps you check or test quality of song that you recorded. You need choose the speaker that can give the truth sound. So it will allow you to adjust sound more correctly.

This type of speaker is used popularly in the family studio that is model from the Roland brand and M-Audio brand with the reasonable price. When you choose a speaker you need pay attention to the truth of sound. You can go shopping with your friend who has experience in the studio. And don’t forget check before buying.

  1. The Microphone For The Studio

It isn’t difficult to see the types of microphone at the sound stores or in the selling website that are for the studio. There are three types of microphone that you can choose: Ribbon, Condenser and Dynamic. You can find more information on the internet.

The microphone condenser is popular

This microphone is highly sensitive that helps you to record the sound particularly. However, this is a disadvantage because when you are record which has any noise so it is easy to record your records

When using micro condenser you need have Electric source with 48V for this micro, it is called Phantom source. So when you buy Sound card, you don’t forget seller about your product is Integrated Phantom source or not.

The micro you can use for your studio and can refer that is product of Rode brand, it is quite famous and it has full the included tools and made in Australia.

The Important Devices Of DJ Beginners

DJ is a job that maybe not only a hobby, it is a passion that people loving DJ must keep firmly to chase. DJ doesn’t only mix musical sound and deal with music track according to the musical technique, it is the artistic sense of everyone. Every DJ they have ways to mix music specially that make them become special.

The beginners always face to many difficulties, and strange things. Many people got some difficult things, they were hurry to give up DJ that they opted. DJ isn’t for the weak heart. So when you selected it and stepped up to be professional DJ, let you be strong to affirm yourself.

Moreover, to starting to learn DJ, you cannot lack of some important instrument that you need to buy before being in DJ class and they support to DJ works. And if you don’t have them, you cannot learn or practice in your home and you will not have a chance to become DJ.

Because the job character is harsh so in the first step you need to prepare full of the important devices carefully. Devices equipping in the first day isn’t easy. On the market, nowadays there are hundreds of DJ devices, so you need pay carefulness to choose and avoid being hurry so that you make a wrong choice with the bad quality products. The devices will accompany you forever after.

  1. Headphone

This is an important device, you always need it in class, especially the DJ show or the bars. The headphone has many functions that help you increase your successful ability in the performance.

  • The headphone help you protect your ears from so loud, noisy sound when mix music and in the show or in the bars. DJ music is a strong music, it from strong, sharp beat, in addition to, it has many loud bass and wahwah sound from mixing among many rhythms, which can pain your ears. If you hear the loud sound in long times that is a reason leading to reduce hearing ability. The hearing ability of DJ is very important that allow you to mix music correctly and create many special ways to mix among songs. Of course if your ears are able to hear exactly you cannot become the DJ.
  • The headphone helps help you master the performing process and transfer music and different songs correctly. When you are performing your music mixing that is also called: do DJ work, you will need the headphone to hear the next song that will prepare to play or that is a next song. You will mix rhythms and into music rightly if you know what a next song is. That ensures your show and mixing successful.
  1. The Mixer

This is a valuable of DJ that helps the DJ create their works. It is very important so when you buy, you need to test carefully and shouldn’t buy cheap mixers. The beginner is advised that they should choose the mixer of Pioneer.

It is without a shadow of doubt when Pioneer becomes the famous electron device manufacturer. Their product is appreciated with the great idea, which is difficult to outdate. Pioneers’ technology is best for DJ.

The Pioneer products are becoming closing devices in the bars and clubs or festival. We will introduce some products that are for beginners in order to you can understand these devices clearly and make a suitable choice.

  • Pioneer DDJ We GO Controller (~$250)

When you give a decision of making a choice of DJ device for the beginners, you always have many choices that base on your purpose. If you need to use a software to DJ, so DDJ-WE Go Controller is suitable to you.

This DJ device is designed fit to those who often move. With the compact design, you can be easy to bring it and prepare for the small parties or the special events on the last minute. It has five colors for you to choose and included Virtual DJ software, beside, DDJ-We Go also integrates many others.

  • Pioneer DDJ – SX2 Controller (~ $1200)

This type of Controller has many functions that is able to be a perfect choice for the DJ, because it has many functions in a CDJ but it is more compact. DDJ-XS2 controller is gotten optimal almost of supporting DJ software. It has compact design with two CDJ and one Mixer 4 channel that is able to plug more new player.

  1. CD Bag

This is necessary in the show, you will change many songs and mixing ways, every song and mixing way is kept in the every CD. When have CD bag you are easy to change CD when you need. You should buy kinds of CD bag that can contain many CD and divide many different CD.

3 Most Popular Types Of Music In The Musical Market

In order to meet listener’s taste, the musical manufactures often mix many different types of music such as: country music with pop music and rock music. This makes the listeners to be difficult to realize and distinguish one among many different music types, especial the younger. However, it is just them, old type of music isn’t forgotten.

The following article we will talk about 3 most popular types of music nowadays that is liked by the young people and abundant ages.

  1. The Pop Music

This is a current type of music and very popular in the masse music. You can distinguish the pop music with the others by some characters such as: dancing beat and rhythm. They are simple melodies that are easy to listen to and go to our soul with the refrains that are repeated and repeated again.

The lyrics in the pop music often mention to the love, emotion, dancing. It is a popular type of music with the songs such as: songs of Celine Dion, Frank, Madonna, Sinatra, Brandy…. The pop music attach special important to rhythms, beat more than the rock music and it has softer sound than rock music.

  1. The Deposition And Mellow Country Music

This type of country music connected to the cowboy culture closely in America. This type of music was born in America and based on upland music in the southern of America. It gets effect from different current music such as: Blues, Jazz that often have sad melody.

It was appeared by the British people who immigrated to the United States. They bring Ballad Celtic songs with lyrics like the simple, rustic stories. This type doesn’t need many musical instruments, sometimes they just have one a guitar and they would still sing amorously. It includes simple contents and is small philosophy about their life. Or sometimes it is simple to be loneliness or the belief and the relationships in our family.

But nowadays the country music has new things. They are mixed from many type of music and have different rhythms and different beat that creates attraction of this type of music. The nowadays country music is funnier, of course it still keep light and smooth in melodies. So it has a great amount of fans.

  1. The Rock Music

This is regard as strange type of music with the strange lyrics, and strange rhythms and strange turns. When it was born in the 50s by Elvis Presley, there are many people who don’t like and boycott this musical type. The familiarity of old music that is soft and smooth make those were difficult to accept the rock music.

The rock music is also called Rock’N’ Roll. The just old melodies make the younger to get boring feeling and they were easy to receive rock music. It base on the rhythms of all three musical type, those were country music, blues music and jazz music. But the Rock’N’ Roll has strong and fast rhythms.

Formerly, when it was born, it was performed with simple instruments such as guitar, drum kit and gong… But nowadays, to perform rock music, we can see that is created from electric instruments. Rock music pays attention to effects of the different musical instruments rather than voices.

There are many types of rock music, but we can divide to two primary types that are hard rock music and folk rock music.

  • The fork rock is light-sound rock such as soft rock or slow rock. Its lyrics is easy to listen and incisive. It shows the rock that is deep in listener’s soul.
  • The hard rock is heavy music with the rough, tearing, excruciating rhythms and so loud, noise sound. The heavy rock and heavy metal are similar.

The all famous bands started the rock music in the 60s. We can list some names such as: Rolling stones, The Who, The kinds and not lack of Beatles…Nowadays the rock music has more and more people who love it because of the intensity and passion that it creates for the listener. It represents the soul of the young people who always yearn fully immerse themselves with love, passion.

10 Miraculous Benefits Of Music For Health

Music is not only a great melody, the fact it also has health benefits. It can help you to face the pain, improves mental and physical health a lot more. Read the list of 10 benefits that music magically improves your life below.

  1. To Increase The Brain’s Threshold

Music has been shown to have a strong influence on the control of pain, whether it is right or not chronic pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis and back problems, as well as the pains lasted during and after the implementation of a medical procedure. One particular study has found that music in an open surgery reduces pain levels after surgery and open to music after surgery helps patients feel less anxious and more painful, as well as reduce the use of morphine.

Music can make us distracted because it works to slow your breathing and heart rate naturally. More and more research shows that music can speed up healing by encouraging the body releases the hormone brings good feeling, that is endorphins.

  1. Helping You Eat Less

A study has shown that blurred light in the room and open a light music during the meal is able to actually make people slow down while eating, and therefore eat less food more.

Perhaps by slowing down the process, stakeholders will be more in tune with your body and can recognize when you’re full.

  1. StimulatingThe Left Brain

The left side of the brain is believed to cause where storage, logic and the organization, while the right brain is believed to control our creativity. Liverpool University conducted a study and found that musical practice increases the blood flow to the brain left.

So maybe by learning a musical instrument, any instrument, we will be able to improve your logic.

  1. The Music BringsASerene Soul

Slow music player really can change the speed of the brain waves, causing brain wave activity is similar to a person in a state of meditation or hypnosis.

Studies have shown that the use of music to promote people entering these states can bring many benefits, especially for patients who suffer PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and migraine.

  1. Improving Your Memory

A study has confirmed that the musical activities, especially when it was formed from the beginning of life will slow down the weakening of the brain as we age. In 2011, the researchers used the 70 people are aged 60-83 and divided them into three groups. A team is not practicing playing the music, the other group has been studying music since the middle of 1-9 years of age, and one third of the 10th year or more.

All are physical education and the same does not anyone have any signs of Alzheimer’s. The musicians are trained at the highest level have higher scores than other objects while performing cognitive test. The playing of musical instruments can keep better brain as you age.

  1. PromotingYou Exercise Harder

Studies have shown that open soft music while cycling, running, walking or performing any other form of exercise makes people harder and longer than those without hearing set music.

Open music seems not only enhance the motivation that research subjects also confirmed that they love music more.

  1. Bringing Healthy For The Heart

Maybe you have heard or read about this somewhere, laughter really is good for heart health, but did you know that music has a similar effect? These feelings may be due to light and cheerful music to bring positive effect on blood vessels.

The study also showed that blood vessel diameter increased to 26% after listening to lively music and fun. So the volume seems to increase also means an increase of the blood vessels.

  1. Smoothing Depressive Disorder

Most everyone knows that when you are sad music can bring out the sadness away, but did you know that should open kind of music? Classical music or quiet sounds such as New Age music seems to have the effect of raising morale, while rock music, loud music and electronic music can make the symptoms of depression become aggravated.

  1. Improve Sleep

A study was done with subjects having sleep problems, the study found that listening to classical music before bedtime can reduce sleep problems. Obviously music can lower anxiety and high blood pressure as well as heart rate and respiration. It allows the body to relax and distract and soothe the spirit.

  1. Reduce Anxiety

A study has shown that the influence of music on anxiety levels nearly the same as when you massage. So maybe you should give yourself a gift by choosing a favorite relaxing tunes and pop up during your massaging time.

You can see that music help our life to become more abundant and sweeter. If you feel tired let turn on the song you like to smooth your soul.