3 Most Popular Types Of Music In The Musical Market

In order to meet listener’s taste, the musical manufactures often mix many different types of music such as: country music with pop music and rock music. This makes the listeners to be difficult to realize and distinguish one among many different music types, especial the younger. However, it is just them, old type of music isn’t forgotten.

The following article we will talk about 3 most popular types of music nowadays that is liked by the young people and abundant ages.

  1. The Pop Music

This is a current type of music and very popular in the masse music. You can distinguish the pop music with the others by some characters such as: dancing beat and rhythm. They are simple melodies that are easy to listen to and go to our soul with the refrains that are repeated and repeated again.

The lyrics in the pop music often mention to the love, emotion, dancing. It is a popular type of music with the songs such as: songs of Celine Dion, Frank, Madonna, Sinatra, Brandy…. The pop music attach special important to rhythms, beat more than the rock music and it has softer sound than rock music.

  1. The Deposition And Mellow Country Music

This type of country music connected to the cowboy culture closely in America. This type of music was born in America and based on upland music in the southern of America. It gets effect from different current music such as: Blues, Jazz that often have sad melody.

It was appeared by the British people who immigrated to the United States. They bring Ballad Celtic songs with lyrics like the simple, rustic stories. This type doesn’t need many musical instruments, sometimes they just have one a guitar and they would still sing amorously. It includes simple contents and is small philosophy about their life. Or sometimes it is simple to be loneliness or the belief and the relationships in our family.

But nowadays the country music has new things. They are mixed from many type of music and have different rhythms and different beat that creates attraction of this type of music. The nowadays country music is funnier, of course it still keep light and smooth in melodies. So it has a great amount of fans.

  1. The Rock Music

This is regard as strange type of music with the strange lyrics, and strange rhythms and strange turns. When it was born in the 50s by Elvis Presley, there are many people who don’t like and boycott this musical type. The familiarity of old music that is soft and smooth make those were difficult to accept the rock music.

The rock music is also called Rock’N’ Roll. The just old melodies make the younger to get boring feeling and they were easy to receive rock music. It base on the rhythms of all three musical type, those were country music, blues music and jazz music. But the Rock’N’ Roll has strong and fast rhythms.

Formerly, when it was born, it was performed with simple instruments such as guitar, drum kit and gong… But nowadays, to perform rock music, we can see that is created from electric instruments. Rock music pays attention to effects of the different musical instruments rather than voices.

There are many types of rock music, but we can divide to two primary types that are hard rock music and folk rock music.

  • The fork rock is light-sound rock such as soft rock or slow rock. Its lyrics is easy to listen and incisive. It shows the rock that is deep in listener’s soul.
  • The hard rock is heavy music with the rough, tearing, excruciating rhythms and so loud, noise sound. The heavy rock and heavy metal are similar.

The all famous bands started the rock music in the 60s. We can list some names such as: Rolling stones, The Who, The kinds and not lack of Beatles…Nowadays the rock music has more and more people who love it because of the intensity and passion that it creates for the listener. It represents the soul of the young people who always yearn fully immerse themselves with love, passion.