The Mistakes We Often Get When Using The Headphone

Today, the headphone becomes the closing tool with us every day. Almost of people like listening to music and have many devices that have function of playing music.  And of course the headphone is a useful device you cannot be short of it, especial nowadays, we want to listen to music everywhere, but we wouldn’t like to be make mind feeling to others. So we should have a headphone really.

The music industry is developing that gets satisfy to customers’ demand, especial the sound quality. That is a reason why you realize that the studio headphone become popular. It isn’t only for the studio or pro studio. But it is also important tool for everyone who wants to listen to perfect music and helps them to be deep into the music.

Although it is like our “friend” but sometimes we don’t use it carefully that lead to get broken studio headphone. Many people think that this headphone was very durable and has high quality so we can use any way it still cannot be broken. If you are thinking that, you need to stop and consider the use of your studio headphone again. The following mistakes are gotten.

  1. Don’t Put Randomly Studio Headphone After Using

After using the studio headphone, we often have habit of taking off the headphone and put on the table or anywhere you can. This makes your studio headphone being easy to affect by many things or your action. It is the best way you should have a place where is just for your headphone.

If you don’t have its private place, it is able to be mixing the headphone wire, especial if you have a headphone with round wire. The headphone wire is very important that transforms signature from the sound source to your ears. If it is broken or broken inside wire, so you must buy others.

Moreover, when you aren’t careful to but your headphone at dirty place, the dirty is able to stick headphone that lead to be cracked sound or volume of two sides not the same.

Solution: let you can use covering string for headphone wire to keep safe. Beside, you don’t forget make your headphone‘s place in order to there isn’t any things damage it.

  1. Being Lazy To Clean Your Studio Headphone

How often do you clean and wipe a week? I bet that there are people who never think about cleaning headphone. That bad habit is easy to lead to your headphone early old and broken.

  • The dirty sticks and seals headphone diaphragm that stop the sound out, this make the volume to reduce considerable. The dirty leads to rust at joint of the headphone. It is broken early.
  • If you don’t have time to clean your headphone, you should take it to the shop or where have cleaning service for maintain the headphone. They know way for your headphone cleaning and solve its problems.
  1. You Often Hear Music With Large Volume

This is dangerous to your ears. You are able to lose hearing capability, moreover, the studio headphone will stretch its diaphragm, headphone’s sound is also following to be cracked.The allowed volume level isn’t over 60% from the sound source that limit bad effect to your ear, If not you can get headache.

  1. You Sleep When Wearing Headphone

This often occurs with people who get sleeping difficulty. So you choose listening to some smooth songs for being easy go to your sleep. If you think this isn’t damage your ears like listening to loud sound, you would be wrong.

  • When you wear the headphone in an hour continuously that makes the bacterium increasing to 700 times in your ears. This is demonstrated by the many scientists.
  • Your ears must work too much, they is tired after a working day. And you want to hear many song that lead to use of the hearing aid headset.
  1. The Bad Habit When Using Studio Headphone

Rolling headphone, when you are using, make mixing its wire and string it or drop your studio headphone that are bad habit and they are reasons why your studio headphone is broken early.

The studio headphone is expensive so you need to use correctly to maintain a long time as possible.