The Important Devices Of DJ Beginners

DJ is a job that maybe not only a hobby, it is a passion that people loving DJ must keep firmly to chase. DJ doesn’t only mix musical sound and deal with music track according to the musical technique, it is the artistic sense of everyone. Every DJ they have ways to mix music specially that make them become special.

The beginners always face to many difficulties, and strange things. Many people got some difficult things, they were hurry to give up DJ that they opted. DJ isn’t for the weak heart. So when you selected it and stepped up to be professional DJ, let you be strong to affirm yourself.

Moreover, to starting to learn DJ, you cannot lack of some important instrument that you need to buy before being in DJ class and they support to DJ works. And if you don’t have them, you cannot learn or practice in your home and you will not have a chance to become DJ.

Because the job character is harsh so in the first step you need to prepare full of the important devices carefully. Devices equipping in the first day isn’t easy. On the market, nowadays there are hundreds of DJ devices, so you need pay carefulness to choose and avoid being hurry so that you make a wrong choice with the bad quality products. The devices will accompany you forever after.

  1. Headphone

This is an important device, you always need it in class, especially the DJ show or the bars. The headphone has many functions that help you increase your successful ability in the performance.

  • The headphone help you protect your ears from so loud, noisy sound when mix music and in the show or in the bars. DJ music is a strong music, it from strong, sharp beat, in addition to, it has many loud bass and wahwah sound from mixing among many rhythms, which can pain your ears. If you hear the loud sound in long times that is a reason leading to reduce hearing ability. The hearing ability of DJ is very important that allow you to mix music correctly and create many special ways to mix among songs. Of course if your ears are able to hear exactly you cannot become the DJ.
  • The headphone helps help you master the performing process and transfer music and different songs correctly. When you are performing your music mixing that is also called: do DJ work, you will need the headphone to hear the next song that will prepare to play or that is a next song. You will mix rhythms and into music rightly if you know what a next song is. That ensures your show and mixing successful.
  1. The Mixer

This is a valuable of DJ that helps the DJ create their works. It is very important so when you buy, you need to test carefully and shouldn’t buy cheap mixers. The beginner is advised that they should choose the mixer of Pioneer.

It is without a shadow of doubt when Pioneer becomes the famous electron device manufacturer. Their product is appreciated with the great idea, which is difficult to outdate. Pioneers’ technology is best for DJ.

The Pioneer products are becoming closing devices in the bars and clubs or festival. We will introduce some products that are for beginners in order to you can understand these devices clearly and make a suitable choice.

  • Pioneer DDJ We GO Controller (~$250)

When you give a decision of making a choice of DJ device for the beginners, you always have many choices that base on your purpose. If you need to use a software to DJ, so DDJ-WE Go Controller is suitable to you.

This DJ device is designed fit to those who often move. With the compact design, you can be easy to bring it and prepare for the small parties or the special events on the last minute. It has five colors for you to choose and included Virtual DJ software, beside, DDJ-We Go also integrates many others.

  • Pioneer DDJ – SX2 Controller (~ $1200)

This type of Controller has many functions that is able to be a perfect choice for the DJ, because it has many functions in a CDJ but it is more compact. DDJ-XS2 controller is gotten optimal almost of supporting DJ software. It has compact design with two CDJ and one Mixer 4 channel that is able to plug more new player.

  1. CD Bag

This is necessary in the show, you will change many songs and mixing ways, every song and mixing way is kept in the every CD. When have CD bag you are easy to change CD when you need. You should buy kinds of CD bag that can contain many CD and divide many different CD.